Window Sales & Installation

We offer a range of windows for your new home or replacement windows for your next renovation project. All of our windows are energy efficient and backed by great warranties.

  • Regency Windows

    Our Regency replacement windows expertly combine classic beauty, enduring strength and easy upkeep with maximum energy savings to achieve the ideal window system for your home. Compare Regency’s powerfully built construction with other vinyl windows and you’ll immediately see – and feel – the distinctive quality difference. Regency windows are not available in British Columbia.

    Product Features

    Precision-engineered for outstanding thermal efficiency, Regency windows incorporate several best-in-class features to ensure an exceptionally strong and weathertight fit, as well as advanced energy savings and a markedly refined appearance.

    Superb Construction  Fusion-welded sash and masterframe provide superior strength and structural integrity, while neat, tight corners create aesthetic appeal.

    Steel-Reinforced Meeting Rails  Heavy-duty metal fortifies the window and allows for secure mounting of hardware.

    Energy-Saving Design  Thermally efficient frame and sash construction, airtight insulating chambers, protective weatherstripping, and a high-performance insulated glass unit help block the transfer of heat and cold.

    Renovation Masterframe  Beveled exterior masterframe on double hung, slider and casement helps the window accommodate differing installation methods and architectural styles.

    Design Versatility  A generous selection of jamb extensions, brickmoulds and other accessories ensure the ideal finished look.

    Super Spacer® Non-Metal Spacer System

    A key component to a window’s energy efficiency is the spacer system, which creates an insulating air space between the panes of glass that serves as a thermal barrier.

    Regency windows feature the Super Spacer – an ultra-efficient system that combines a structural foam spacer with a seal of hot melt butyl to create a “warm,” non-conductive edge. This non-metal design eliminates any metal-to-glass contact, thereby increasing the edge of the glass temperature by more than 16°- resulting in 60% more energy efficiency than a traditional box metal spacer.

    Insulated Glass Packages

    Regency Windows feature a wide range of EnergyPlus and Solar Shield glass packages that let you customize yoru windows to meet the specific climate conditions of your home. Double or Triple-glazed glass units with the Super Spacer structural foam spacer provides superior energy efficiency and longevity, while enhancing the indoor comfort and overall value of your home.

    Energy Plus Glass Packages

    • Double-glazed EnergyPlus glass units (which are standard on Regency Windows) feature one surface of Low-E glass, insulating argon gas and the Super Spacer structural foam spacer for an excellent Energy Rating (ER)
    • Meet ENERGY STAR performance requirements for Climate Zones 1 and 2 and a portion of Zone 3 for all Regency windows styles; Regency fixed casement and picture windows also meet ENERGY STAR requirements for Zone 3.

    Solar Shield Glass Packages

    • Feature increased solar control to help create consistent indoor temperatures in regions with hot summers and cold winters
    • Meet ENERGY STAR performance requirements, including Zone 3, for all Regency window styles
    • Block up to 50% more unwanted solar energy than standard clear glass and up to 40% more than even dark tinted glass, resulting in lower air-conditioning usage and more comfortable indoor climate
    • Achieve centre-of-glass R-values up to 9, depending on the size and model of the window
  • Amherst Windows

    Amherst windows are designed with simple upkeep in mind. You can forget about scarping and painting. The solid vinyl construction won’t rot, split, corrode or pit like painted wood windows and won’t swell or warp from exposure to moisture. Your windows will maintain their attractive appearance year after year, inside and out.

    Product Features

    Built in the tradition of quality, Amherst windows are built to the highest level of performance and energy efficiency as well as beauty and value.

    Enduring Beauty Premium vinyl resin extrusions are solid colour through and through; won’t chip, peel, crack or warp.

    Heavy-Duty Construction  Fusion-welded sashes and masterframe deliver added strength and structural integrity.

    Energy-Efficient Design  Multi-chambered sashes and masterframe, steel-reinforced meeting rails and double-barrier weatherstripping increase thermal efficiency.

    High-Performance Glass  The standard insulated glass unit with the PPG Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System saves energy by reducing the conduction of heat at the edge of the glass for thermal performance and longevity.

    Weathertight Design  Protective bulb seal at the sill helps block dust, dirt and air filtration.

    Ease of Operation Fully extruded lift rails and constant force balance system make for easy of operation.