We Have Over 30 Years of Experience
Installing Windows, Doors, and Siding

As family owned business, we believe in supporting local business.

Norm was born and raised in Huntsville and began working for Guard Aluminum as a summer student while in grade ten. After graduating high school he went to work fulltime for the business.  Over the course of several years he was instructed how to install all the products of the trade, run a crew, estimate and handle sales calls. Norm bought the business in 1976 and has been actively involved ever since.

Ian, the eldest son of three children along with his brothers have all worked summers or helped out in the business from time to time.  Ian, lived and worked out west for many years but has returned and is dedicating his time to learning the business with an eye to taking it over. It will be great for past and future customers to have such a level of experience, trust and continued continuity.